Education and Science of Food

Food Science for Kids and Teens

Kids and teens tend to be picky eaters. To make things worse, they typically avoid healthy foods and choose nutritionally empty and calorie-loaded snacks and sweets instead. This has made health experts very concerned about the risk of nutrient deficiency in kids and teens and in particular, about the increasing trends of childhood overweight and obesity which have been linked to poor diet as well. To change things for the better, a growing number of food and health experts have been calling for more food science at school.

Persuading Kids and Teens to Make Healthier Food Choices

Persuading kids and teens to give up the unhealthy snacks and sweets and choose healthier alternatives such as seeds, nuts and fruits is everything but easy. But unless something is done, the problem of childhood overweight and obesity will only get worse.

By incorporating healthy nutrition into the curriculum, kids and teens would also learn which foods are healthy choices and which aren’t, and what is equally important, why it’s crucial for them to switch from unhealthy foods to their healthy alternatives.