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Latest News!!

One year countdown to ESOF2014! Today we are one year from the opening of the Euroscience Open Forum 2014 and we are pleased to inform you that we are progressing in all aspects of our planning.

View press release here.

ESOF & EuroScience were given front row visibility in a Science Diplomacy event organized by SciCom in June: Evidence Based-Policy versus Policy-Based Evidence: The challenge of Feeling Scientific Advice Into Policy-Making. The example of Drugs, Alcohol & Nicotine Addictions. Lean more about the event here and learn more about SciCom here.

The ESOF2014 calls for the Career Programme and the Science-2-Business Programmearenow open!

Click here to submit a proposal.

For more information visit ESOF2014.


ESOF aims to:

  • Strengthen the links between Science & Society,

  • Create an integrated space for S&T in Europe,

  • Foster a European Platform for debate on S&T,

  • Influence S&T policies.