Education and Science of Food

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The ESOF (Education and Science of Food) website brings you the latest information on a range of food science and related topics including the latest findings of scientific research and expert recommendations. Among other things, we also cover:

What is ESOF?

Find out who we are, what we do, what is our mission and how we help the public make healthier dietary choices.

The Science of Food and Its Disciplines

Check out our quick guide to the science of food including its definition, goals and role in food quality and safety. Find out which scientific disciplines and sub-disciplines are used to make food products taste better, last longer, look more attractive and more.

Food Science and Business

Learn how food science can help businesses grow bigger and better, and at the same time, maximise the profits without affecting food quality or safety.

Food Science and the Press

This section deals with media coverage of food science and the contribution of the press to educating the public about the importance healthy diet and nutrition.

Food Science for Kids and Teens

Find out why food science should be included into the curriculum and how to encourage kids and teens to chose healthy foods over unhealthy snacks and sweets.

The Science Behind Pizza

Ever wondered what makes pizza one of the most popular foods in the world? Why you can't stop at one slice or what is the real history of the beloved food? Here you can find an answer to all these questions and more.

The Science Behind Porridge

Did you know that porridge is one of the most important 'inventions' in human history? Or that it can help you reduce the risk of a number of diseases, improve your health and lose weight? Learn more about this simple and super-healthy food.

The Science Behind Pretzel

Find out why pretzel has been attracting so much attention of so many food scientists, where does it come from and why dietitians recommend to chose healthier and nutritionally richer snacks instead.

The Science Behind Tapas

What to know more about tapas? Their early history? Or how to turn the popular snack/appetiser into a health choice? If so, be sure read this article.

Other Areas of Scientific Research

Whilst our focus is on the science of food, the scientific approach can (and should be) applied to all areas of research. For example, it should be taken for studies of the human mind.